June 24, 2022 @ 8:30 pm
Black Sparrow Music Parlor
113 W Second St Taylor
TX 76574

Bill Palmer and Wayne Sutton live at BSMP!

Bill Palmer is an outdoorsman, singer, writer, musician, producer, engineer, lover, father, son & brother. He grew up on his grandfather’s farm in rural East Texas, near Winona. His mom and dad played early rock n roll 45s for him and mid-70s era Willie Nelson, which captivated him and forever enraptured him with music and specifically the guitar. He was given an old flip-top cassette recorder by the age of 5, and he was off and running. He grew up spending much of his time in the woods by day and listening to his jambox by night.
He went on to study philosophy at The University of Texas in Austin and soon met compatible musicians to play with, forming the essential and influential mid-90s Austin band, The Sharecroppers (later Good Medicine Band). From there, he formed Hundred Year Flood, joined Hot Mess with his future wife Stephanie Hatfield, founded Bill Palmer’s TV Killers, and plays in The Palmer Brothers with his brother Jim.
His love for recording and producing music led him to be the co-founder, engineer, and producer at Santa Fe’s legendary Frogville Studio, where he made hundreds of records and won countless awards over the course of 16 years. In 2018, he left Frogville to pursue his own unique recording vision and now bases out of his very own Torreón Studio in Santa Fe, NM.
Wayne Sutton, former lead guitarist, and co-songwriter of ‘90s hitmakers Sister Seven. As Sutton reconciles his 30+ year career as a musician with his role as longtime husband, father, and music teacher, his new solo album Blue Worm – his third overall and first in nearly 15 years – now takes him to perhaps the most surprising place of all. “I spent a lot of years flying by the seat of my pants musically,” Wayne admits, “and got burned out by the business side. But when you discover a larger map, it makes you hungry to create again. The key to finding your own voice is honesty.”